What’s in the Bible: 3 – Wanderin in the Desert

DVD Release: December 21, 2010
What’s in the Bible: 3 – Wanderin in the Desert


What is a “Pentateuch,” and why does it have so many weird rules?! Join VeggieTales (R) creator Phil Vischer and a boat load of new friends on a groundbreaking journey through the world’s most amazing book!

3 Wanderin’ in the Desert.

Part 1: Don’t lie, don’t cheat…don’t trim your BEARD? The Old Testament is full of rules, and some of them are kind of, well, weird. Learn why God had all these rules for Israel and which ones still apply to us today!

Part 2: What is a Pentateuch”? Learn about Israel’s 40-year “time-out” as we finish the first five books of the Bible! Plus, discover why we can believe what the Bible says – even though we weren’t there to see it happen!

Dove Review

Phil Vischer has a wonderful new series that will teach your youngsters about the Bible and the stories of the Bible. With charming puppets, cute little songs and facts, this series tells about how the Bible was written and who wrote each of the books with in the Bible along with the stories it contains.

The third DVD is a collection of information about words and rules found in the Bible. Here the gang gathers to tell of the rules that God has given to the Israelites and the continuing story of the first five books in the Bible. As the series continues on the mission to be informative and educational, it is enjoyably entertaining for the entire family.

The Dove Seal for all ages is awarded to “What’s in the Bible: 3 – Wanderin’ in the Desert.”

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Jellyfish Labs
Writer: Phil Vischer
Producer: Chris Davis
Genre: Children
Runtime: 60 min.
Starring: Voice: Phil Vischer
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe