Seeking God First

DVD Release: June 1, 2012
Seeking God First


Discover the joy of “Seeking God First” that thousands have experienced through this powerful series led by Anita Keagy, of JoyShop Ministries. These six inspiring 40-minute sessions will equip you with SIMPLE tools and an EASY plan to help you prioritize daily time in God’s Word.

Anita Keagy founded JoyShop Ministries in 2006 with one mission: To motivate people to spend time with God every day through Bible reading and prayer. She travels nationally and internationally, sharing her message at conferences, churches, retreat settings and schools.

Dove Review

Anita Keagy hits a homerun in her biblical teaching series titled “Seeking God First”. Women and men in her class listen intently to her compelling presentation as she shares her personal testimony and biblical teaching with its practical applications. The series is divided into six forty-minute sessions and the topics are: 1. Seeking God. 2. Key Principles Part 1. 3. Key Principals Part 2. 4. Setting the Heart. 5. Natural Rewards. 6. 21 Day Challenge.

Anita opens the series with a vivid and poignant example of becoming pregnant at a young age and giving up her child for adoption. She shares how she was able to keep a file of photos and letters that one day her daughter might actually read. The day arrives when they begin to correspond after the daughter is grown and then a day is set for the two of them to finally meet in person. In a wonderful illustration she compares it to wanting to know God and the file He has prepared for us, His Word, and how we long to see Him and fellowship with Him. She makes it clear He desires the same thing. She goes on to talk about marital disagreements and the problems we encounter with busy schedules and how that a meeting time and place with God is essential. She uses some humorous anecdotes to help make her points.

Anita knows how to reach people in a practical, down-to-earth and yet enlightening way. Her personal examples are grounded in God’s Word. We highly recommend this DVD series. Due to a few mature topics, we are recommending it for ages twelve plus; however, consult the content list below. Some parents will want their mature children to listen in on these teaching gems.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Premarital sex and a resulting pregnancy is discussed.
Language: None
Violence: Examples of marital disagreements.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Adoption is discussed.


Company: Soteria Productions
Writer: Anita Keagy
Director: Shane Ortiz
Producer: Kelle Ortiz
Genre: Religion
Runtime: 240 min.
Starring: Host and Teacher Anita Keagy
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter