The File (Novel)

Book Release: January 28, 2008
The File (Novel)


In one moment, Anita’s life was instantly and dramatically changed. Little did she realize what a little forbidden fun would cost. Anita shares the inside story of an unwed teenage pregnancy — the emotions, the agonizing decisions, and her desperate dependence on God to get her through. This poignant story shows how God redeems our lives. Whether you’ve gone through a similar experience or you’re trying to help someone who is, Anita’s story, insights, and resources will help you. She’s been there.

Dove Review

This is a book worth reading. It is also a fairly quick read at 108 pages and it manages to hold true to a central theme. It focuses on the things Anita Keagy learned about the daughter she adopted out and was reunited with years later, in addition to biblical truths she gleaned as a result of the process she went through. It really is about what she learned about being a parent and how God views us as His children. She writes about her life as a “preacher’s kid” and candidly but tastefully she is upfront about her moments in a parked car which led to an unwedded pregnancy and the choices she was confronted with. She makes it clear that, ultimately, abortion was not a choice at all, rather adoption.

To her credit she is upfront and candid with her doctor’s response as well and parents will have to decide if they want their own children, especially teen girls and teens who have been adopted, to read the book. The parked car moments are the only thing parents will need to examine. Mature children close to age twelve will handle the book just fine. Parents should read the book and decide. It is a positive book on adoption and on God’s love for us. Anita made sure her daughter was adopted by a Christian family. She includes diary entries from various times in her life, her battles with self-condemnation and she includes a letter her birth daughter wrote to her after Anita contacted her. We gladly award this remarkable book five Doves and recommend it for ages twelve plus.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: A few candid remarks about being in a parked car and a resulting pregnancy and a doctor's candid response about the pregnancy; girl seeks God afterwards.
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: The topic of a young girl's unwedded pregnancy and adoption and scriptures are mentioned as is prayer.


Company: Soteria Productions
Writer: Anita Keagy
Genre: Religion
Pages: 108
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter