Theatrical Release: November 1, 2013
DVD Release: July 22, 2014


Limited Theatrical Release – Sam Doonby, a mysterious and handsome drifter, steps off an interstate bus and quickly becomes the talk of a small Texas town. After finding work at Leroy’s Country Blues bar, his musical talents make him a small-town star, attracting the attention of Laura, the beautiful but spoiled daughter of local doctor Cyrus Reaper.

Sam seems to always be in the right place at the right time to prevent disasters from happening in the town. Before long, jealousy and suspicion drive the townspeople to question his sudden arrival and motives. Finally, when Laura begins to doubt him as well, he disappears as quickly as he materialized. Soon, everyone realizes that there was more to Sam Doonby than they understood, especially Cyrus and his family as the doctor’s past comes back to haunt him.

Dove Review

Sam Doonby is a drifter who comes to a small town and finds a job as a bartender at a local bar. In the short time he is there, he winds up becoming involved in many of the towns-folks lives. The impact he has is life changing in many ways as he saves many from harm or even potential fatal outcomes. However, little is known about this mystery man. When the police eventually become involved, they can find no record of his existence.

This film is a gripping mystery/drama that will have you wondering just who Sam Doonby is. Whenever he is asked, his answer is “I’m nobody really.” The film has a message and purpose that we won’t get into here so as not to plot spoil. However, we want you to be aware that the film does carry some rough situations and this is not a film for children. Adults will be moved by this compelling story and we are awarding “Doonby” our Dove “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages 12 and over.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Woman has child out of wedlock; Single young woman dates a married man; Woman tries to seduce a man but he isn't interested in her advances; Man and woman kiss briefly; Man attempts to rape a woman; Woman falsely accuses doctor of sexual attack.
Language: H-2; OG-1; Lord help me-1; Many positive references to God.
Violence: Man punches another; Man grazed in the head by a bullet leaving a bloody wound; Robber hit in head with full liquor bottle causing bloody wound; Boy almost hit by out of control truck which crashes and explodes; Man attempts to rape a woman; Men fight causing the death of one with pool of blood under his head; Drunk woman becomes violent and smashes things.
Drugs: Many scenes take place in a bar with moderate to heavy drinking at times; Woman has an alcohol problem; Man smokes cigarettes.
Nudity: Cleavage; Woman undresses in bed - no nudity; Man in towel after a shower.
Other: Mature themes such as abortion and attempted rape.


Company: Green Apple Entertainment
Director: Peter Mackenzie
Genre: Limited
Runtime: 97 min.
Reviewer: Scott Rolfe