DVD Release: December 1, 2011


The film is four separate stories of four different people encountering Christ in their own way.

Dove Review

This is an awesome faith-filled DVD which contains four stories and the Lord’s influence in the lives of the various characters. Jesus is seen in Gethsemene in the beginning and the tempter comes in an attempt to make him believe he will bear no fruit. Jesus sees into the future in this story and his life-changing power in these four episodes.

We meet Caitlyn, a teen girl still in high school who becomes pregnant but as she turns things over to the Lord her future winds up better than it could have been. She learns that the poem which says “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul” is better quoted as “He is the master of my fate, he is the captain of my soul.”

In the next story Sam’s wife wants a divorce which throws his life into chaos. He learns she has a pubescent lover. His attitude toward God is one of anger and doubt but certain events lead him to realize that God is with him at all times, especially during the storms of life.

In the third story a young man named Cole loves his mother but must deal with his drug addicted dad who is also at times physically as well as verbally abusive. When tragedy strikes Cole eventually finds God and then must help his father when he finds out his time on earth is short.

Finally, a man named Chance starts a new job and meets a man named Bobby, who introduces him to gambling. When Chance gets up to his ears in debt and Bobby’s life takes a turn in a tragic direction, Chance must look to the Lord to find the strength he needs to tell his wife what has happened, and the strength he needs to turn his life around.

There are a few innuendos and a young man is seen pulling a marijuana cigarette from his lips. Sadly, a character’s suicide takes place and although we don’t see the impact when he puts a gun to his head and fires, we do see his bloody head after it falls to the bed. We want to encourage the viewer to check out our content listing below but we recommend this film for our Faith-Based Seal and we are pleased to award this very spiritual story our Seal. The acting is solid, these stories carry meaning and encourage the viewer that hope is always alive.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: A few innuendos and comments such as using condoms before they expire and a chararacter asks a man if his girlfriend "puts out"; an unwanted pregnancy by a teen girl; a "We had sex" comment; a woman has an affair with a teen young man; a man who is with another man's wife offers for his current wife to be with the other man.
Language: Crap-4; Stupid-1; Snot-1; Idiot-1
Violence: The tempter pushes Jesus' face into the water; a man takes his own life with a gun and while the moment is not graphic we do see his bloody head as his body lies on the bed afterward; a man strikes wife's underage lover; a woman is grabbed by the throat; a father strikes his son and kicks him; a man is beaten and his bloody face and puffy eye is seen.
Drugs: Implied drinking in one scene but what it is is not shown; wine with a meal; a character drinks a lot; talk of drugs and marijuana and one character smokes a marijuana cigarette; bar scenes.
Nudity: None
Other: A divorce takes place in one of the stories; a character vomits; disagreements and arguements between characters; the topic of death and loss. talk of God and prayer.


Company: PureFlix
Director: Stephen Krist
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 91 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter