Super Simple Science Stuff

DVD Release: August 6, 2011
Super Simple Science Stuff


“Super Simple Science Stuff” is all about, what else? Science! Dr. Quack and
his assistant Dizzy Izzy teach children how things work through a variety of

If you want to learn then super simple science stuff is here for you. Take a trip to the Quack Shack where we are Cookin up concocters Stirrin up hysteria
with Dr. Quack and Dizzy Izzy too. Get ready for laughs cuz super simple
science stuff is here for you with 2 hours of Quackerific experiments!

Dove Review

In episode one Richie De Wald is introduced to the viewer as Dr. Quack, and the kids will love him. At times he quacks without being able to help it, such as when he clears his voice. He teaches science lessons in a fun way, such as using pie pans to teach a lesson on sound. He also uses rice and beans and places them in pans to show how different the sounds are. Kids will love making these “tambourines”. Dr. Quack is joined by his assistant, Dizzy Izzy. They also teach on projecting the voice and plastic eggs and dry grains are the materials used for this lesson. The kids will be amused when Dr. Quack has a “quack-attack!”

In episode two Dr. Quack reads “Oliver Clue” and dons a deerstalker hat to take on the spirit of Sherlock Holmes to solve a few mysteries. He teaches an interesting lesson on the use of fingerprints and shows how kids with a pencil and piece of paper can place their own prints on paper. Other materials for his lessons include baby powder, a small paint brush, tape, and paper. He explains to the kids that ridges and dirt and oil on fingers leave prints. He also informs the viewer about the F.B.I. and their functions.

In episode three we learn about helium and, for example, that it is odorless. Also, when Dizzy Izzy sucks some in we hear her talk in a high pitched voice that is sure to make kids giggle. Although it is fun, it is informative as well as we learn the percentage that helium makes up in the atmosphere.

In the next episode we learn about dry ice and the fact it doesn’t melt. We see a balloon inflated by it and Dr. Quack and Dizzy Izzy always make the lessons fun.

In “Mad Scientist” Dr. Quack performs a great experiment in which a dollar bill is set on fire but does not burn up. He also gives Dizzy Izzy a “brain freeze” when he shows kids everywhere how to make homemade ice cream.

In the episode about the “Weather” he conducts a super experiment called “Tornado in a bowl” which is really awesome to behold. Lightning is explained as well and we get to see him show us how to make fog!

Finally, in the last episode, “Let’s Make Music”, pie tins are used for tambourines and Dr. Quack explains how one can project one’s voice.

These are excellent and informative episodes and Dr. Quack and Dizzy Izzy are terrific hosts. If you get a “quack attack” the good doctor is only a DVD away! We award this DVD series our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal with pleasure.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: The word "snot" is used.
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: TCT Kids
Writer: Shauna Robbins & Mike Reid
Director: Greg Robbins
Producer: Christine Davis
Genre: Children
Runtime: 156 min.
Starring: Richie Derwald & Katrina Miller
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter