Into the West

DVD Release: April 12, 2011
Into the West


Here’s the enchanting big-screen adventure about two kids who receive a gift beyond their wildest dreams — a magical horse. But when a rich breeder tries desperately to take the horse away from them, their only hope is to escape and become the coolest outlaws ever to ride…Into the West! Capture the thrill of this delightful adventure and experience for yourself the feeling and joy it brought to critics and audiences everywhere! Starring Gabriel Byrne (TV’s In Treatment) and Ellen Barkin (Brooklyn’s Finest) this terrific motion picture delivers nonstop entertainment for everyone.

Dove Review

“Into the West” is an adventure, fantasy and horse-lovers film in one charming package. The film is set amidst the breathtaking scenery of rugged western Ireland and features two charming, motherless young boys and their grieving father all with delightful Irish brogues…and a magical white horse.

Tito and Ossie desire to escape their own sad memories and the oppressiveness of life among the city-dwellers they refer to, quite contemptuously, as “settled people.” This little family has a heritage of a different, more adventurous tradition- they were “travelers” or gypsies, until the loss of their mother upon the birth of little Ossie. Their father, Papa Riley, has mourned the death of his wife so long he has lost touch with his feisty young sons and has turned to drinking in an attempt to escape the pain of his loss.

The story begins with a beautiful musical score and the image of a majestic white horse racing along a beach at moonlight The horse finds its way to Tito and Ossie in Dublin and much to the chagrin of their father, the neighbors and the landlord, the horse who they have named Tir na nog, moves into heart of these little boys and the family’s apartment. Adventures unfold as a rich horse breeder attempts to conspire and take their horse away. Thrills abound as they head away from the city, their father and their drab urban life into the west to save Tir na nog from his fate as a show horse. Papa Riley begins to realize how out of touch he has been with not just his sons, but his own dreams and the rich heritage that was his as a Traveler.

Family values are vibrant, varied and woven amidst the fabric of this story. Love is evident between father and sons even as Papa Riley struggles to find his own way. Tir na nog becomes a catalyst to open the hearts of this family to the possibility of being whole again. Restoration and second chances amidst pain and loss is a central theme throughout the film.

Regretfully, while we found this film to have a distinct family flavor, there are several occasions of strong language which prevents us from awarding the Dove Seal to the movie.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: G-2; J-4; A-1; H-2; D-1
Violence: Fight and chase scenes; some blood from fights, but not graphic.
Drugs: Alcohol use is implied by one of the characters where empty bottles are seen.
Nudity: None
Other: Parental disobedience with consequence; abuse of alcohol with consequences; fantasy magic.


Company: Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
Writer: Jim Sheridan
Director: Mike Newell
Producer: Jonathan Cavendish & Tim Palmer
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 97 min.
Reviewer: Nancy Bouwens