More Than Diamonds

DVD Release: June 17, 2011
More Than Diamonds


Although 12-year-old Alexander Mortensen wants to be a hero, life keeps getting in the way. But when he sets out to recover a stolen heirloom, he finds that he has invited danger to his front door and that being a hero will make greater demands of him than he ever imagined.

Dove Review

This is a fantasy film to a certain extent, despite the fact it deals with a widow raising four kids on her own and the hardships which that entails. The kids are the heroes of the movie. When they move to Simsonville from Atlanta they meet next-door-neighbor Jared, complete with a British accent and a willingness to help Marie (Lisa Justice) with the plumbing and fixing one of the boy’s bikes and other fix-it jobs which at first makes life easier for her and the kids. But when her two boys begin to crack a code regarding where some stolen diamonds were buried, the trail leads to the neighbor, Jared, who appears to be a criminal named Denton, a man who knows where the stolen diamonds are. Is he really Denton? And what will he do to the boys once he learns they know his secret?

There are a few scenes which parents need to be cautioned about. At one point the boys, under-age drivers, take their mother’s van keys and drive the van to the spot where the diamonds are so the police will follow them and hopefully nab the villain. There are also a few scenes of a villain hitting the kids and trying to run one of the boys over, and scenes in which they punch him as well. There is no blood and it doesn’t get graphic but parents should know about the scenes. In addition, the bad guy kidnaps the boys’ sister Sophia which starts the confrontation in the first place. On the other hand, the movie is mainly about the boys being the heroes and cracking the diamond code. Also, a neighbor provides comic relief such as when she shows the kids her deceased husband’s gun collection and a little girl asks her if she shoots the guns. “Not for a longtime, dearie,” she replies, “but there’s nothing like a grandma packing heat!” The little girl mentions her to someone and says, “She’s been around since before there were CDs!”

The movie features themes of loyalty, death and grief, and restoration and should be fine for kids ages twelve and up to watch. We gladly award “More than Diamonds” our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal. The production values are nice and the kids act like every-day kids except…these kids are really heroes! Thanks to them, the movie has a happy ending.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: "Shut up"-1; "Stupid"-3; "Stupid fat slob"-1
Violence: Police hold guns on thieves; a criminal holds a gun on kids but it should be noted that this is kind of a fantasy movie in the sense that kids solve a mystery and defeat the bad guy; a man grabs kids and holds one by the shoulder, causing him pain; a man hits kids and they hit the man; a man tries to run over a boy; boys wrestle and fight; men are paid to pick on boys by their uncle and one man hits one of the boys (not hard) and the boys give it back to the men and hit them; a man is hit in the crotch; a man kidnaps a girl and throws her in the water but her brother rescues her; a flashback scene shows a boy falling into the pool.
Drugs: Wine is consumed at a meal; a woman smokes a cigarette.
Nudity: Shirtless man.
Other: Thieves steal diamonds; a boy receives "fart" spray as a birthday gift; brothers have a few disagreements but stick together; a woman misses her deceased husband and cries as she looks at pictures and the kids miss the dad as well.


Company: Skellenger Films
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 95 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter