The Undefeated

Theatrical Release: July 15, 2011
DVD Release: October 4, 2011
The Undefeated


Alaska in mid-decade was a land of vast natural resources fought over by the largest companies in the world and governed by a corrupt and compromised political class. Rampant crony-capitalism stood in the way of the people of Alaska reaping the benefits of their natural birthright.

Enter a galvanizing reformer, a small town mayor who took on her own political party and brought on “sudden and relentless reform.” An epic two-hour feature documentary film, “The Undefeated” chronicles the rise from obscurity of one of America’s new generation of leaders: Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska.

With a sweeping score, previously unseen footage and exclusive interviews, “The Undefeated” educates, entertains and challenges its audiences to take another look at someone who is much-discussed but whose story, despite all that is written and said about her, is actually largely untold.

Dove Review

“The Undefeated” is as much a history lesson of Alaska as a biography of Sarah Palin. It soon becomes apparent that the major cultural and economic breakthroughs that occurred in our 49th state between 2000 and 2008 are attributable, for most part, to the spunk, determination and common sense of Mayor and Governor Palin.

Viewers will learn about the special interest groups and “good ol’ boy networks” she refers to in many of her speeches. The story is loaded with intricate details about how government corruption and big oil power plays provided major obstacles to economic progress in Alaska. Undaunted, Sarah Palin stood tall and beat back those obstacles to the amazement and benefit of the state’s citizens.

Seen by some in the media as a, “political image-branding effort,” the two hour documentary is made up of news clips, quotes from friends and enemies, and dotted with periodic melodramatic reenactments for emphasis.

The story chronicles the challenges the vice-presidential nominee faced from personal attacks while campaigning with Senator John McCain. That was followed by scores of ethics charges leveled against her in Alaska following the presidential elections. Mrs. Palin states that the constant court appearances and media attention became a distraction that contributed to her reasons for resigning as Governor.

This film is a must-see for anyone, liberal or conservative, supporter or critic, who really wants to know who Sarah Palin is.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: D-1, A-1, S-2, B-2, H-2, Slutty, Moron, Slut, Several bleeped profanities, Slang for vagina-1.
Violence: Several dramatic reenactments involving car wrecks, explosions, etc.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Corruption trials and investigations; disrespectful epithets.


Company: Victory Film Group
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 119 min.
Reviewer: Dick Rolfe