Victory Experience

DVD Release: October 29, 2011
Victory Experience


The Victory Experience is a poignant depiction of how God moves in the lives of ordinary people who exercise extraordinary faith. IN this documentary, five Christian singers with diverse life experiences and challenges, open up about personal adversities that God delivered them from and used to restore their hope, faith, and love for Jesus Christ.

Dove Review

Everyone should see “The Victory Experience”. What an uplifting and awesome DVD! I thoroughly enjoyed this quality and potentially life-changing program.

Four women and one man share their struggles and how God proved faithful as they trusted in Him by praying, reading their Bibles and stepping ahead in faith. Mary Johnson, a single mom, needed tuition money for her daughter who was soon to graduate but faced not being able to finish college due to dwindling funds. Learn what amazing results she received after the prayer. Debbie Howell is a prayer ministry leader and has a daughter named Jasmine who became involved in the Emo lifestyle, inflicting physical pain on herself in order to forget the emotional anguish she felt, especially after the death of her grandfather. She began to cut herself. But Debbie wouldn’t quit believing or praying. Learn how God moved in Jasmine’s heart to read a book her mother had been urging her to read, and learn of the miraculous results which occurred.

Cassell Helton grew up with a mother he loved but who was addicted to alcohol and drugs. She was in and out of rehab. But he had a praying grandmother who cared for him and Cassell kept hoping for a change in his mother. The viewer will discover God’s keeping power as Cassell relates what happened when he kept believing in faith along with his grandmother. Kristy Brown has a terrific testimony too. We learn how God has helped her keep a simple faith even though she doesn’t seem to have struggled as others have. She praises God for having lived a life of grace. Finally, we learn of Summer Pearson and how she was a child of divorce and hated it. She met a wonderful man and was happily married until her husband’s mother died. Their world seemed to fall apart. She credits the power of prayer in turning her marriage back around after some prayer warriors visited her home.

This DVD is inspiring, motivational, spiritual, and has the potential to build faith in the viewer so as to seek God for some life-altering moments too. Really, we can’t recommend this one high enough. Five Doves from us our best rating. See this one soon!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: A woman briefly mentions remaining pure when a boyfriend wants a girl to sleep with him.
Language: None
Violence: It's mentioned a woman's daughter inflicted physical pain on herself such as cutting herself before she was delivered.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: In inspirational scenes five people share the struggles they endured and how God was faithful to them as they prayed and read the Bible and trusted in Him.


Company: EastWest Films
Producer: EastWest Films
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 28 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter