Betty White Champion For Animals

DVD Release: March 27, 2012
Betty White Champion For Animals


National treasure Betty White, multi-Emmy-winner and beloved entertainer ranked as “the most liked and trusted celebrity in the world” (Reuters), shares her tireless devotion to the animal world. This fascinating and heartwarming program transports you coast to coast and across the continents for unforgettable encounters with the amazing creatures with whom we share our planet and the people behind the scenes charged with their care, protection and maintenance. You’ll visit America’s precious national parks, world-class zoos, and aquariums to witness amazing sights tourists never get to see. You’ll meet a penguin who got his feathers and his groove back, witness the heroics of the military’s canine corps, and accompany members of the Humane Society as they work to put a stop to heartbreaking animal mistreatment. Along the way, Betty shares personal stories about her own cherished pets and unforgettable experiences with organizations that make the wonderful world of animals available to all.

Dove Review

This documentary features the nationally-loved Betty White and her love for animals of all kinds. She shares that her parents loved animals and passed that passion on to her. Betty has used her fame and wealth to protect animals. In this documentary we see animals of every kind as Yellowstone National Park in Northwest Wyoming is visited as are the Everglades in Florida. Africa is another location featured in the film.

The movie contains scenes of animals being shot with tranquilizer darts, mainly due to caretakers checking on their needs. The film moves on to the dark side of human nature as we see poachers and then poachers being shot at! We also see men putting roosters in cock fights and dogs who fight and are physically wounded. In one graphic scene we see a rhino minus a face because it has been removed for its horn. In another graphic scene a seal pup’s bloody face and body is observed.

Because the more pleasant scenes outshine the dark ones, this movie has been awarded our Dove Seal for ages twelve plus.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: The mention of a penguin called a "jackass" penguin.
Violence: Some graphic and bloody scenes including a rhino missing a face; a bloody seal; dogs with injured eyes; cock fights; a rooster is seen killed by another and it is bleeding; dogs in dog fights; rhinos shot at; men seen with rifles; poachers are shot at; animals are tranquilized; a snake is seen near a penguin; a bison is collared; a bear is trapped and blindfolded.
Drugs: Tranquilizers are used on animals.
Nudity: None
Other: The death of animals and Betty shares that after her husband died her dogs curled up together on his clothes; her grief is seen.


Company: Image Entertainment
Writer: Robert Kline
Director: Robert Kline
Producer: Robert Kline
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 90 min.
Starring: Betty White
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter