Miracle of Marcellino (1991 Version)

DVD Release: January 1, 1991
Miracle of Marcellino (1991 Version)


A heart-warming story set in the 16th century. It is wartime and the friars of a humble monastery find a baby on the doorsteps of an abandoned home. They lovingly raise the baby and name him Marcellino. When he turns 6 years old, a wealthy Count and his wife take Marcellino in but he remains a very lonely boy. While the count’s home offers luxury, it lacks warmth. During his first hunt Marcellino, horrified by so much violence against animals, runs away to go back to his beloved monastery. A storm rages and the next morning he’s found unconscious and brought to the monastery and hidden in a loft with a large crucifix. Experience the simple faith of an innocent child – who while recovering finds comfort in his special friend, the man on the crucifix – and the miracle he inspired.

Dove Review

This inspiring DVD will make you believe in miracles or renew the faith you have placed in them. Marcellino is an orphan who is found by priests, crying under cabbage. They take him into their monastery and pray about keeping him. The signs all point to them doing so and they begin raising him. He feels as if he has several fathers but no mother, until he is told the Virgin Mary is a mother to all. The DVD features humor too as the boy mentions the heads of the monks look like they were wearing soup bowls (they are bald!) The warmth of the boy’s home is pleasing to him.

When a Count claims the boy as his heir, pulling him away from the love of the monks, he runs away and returns to them. The Count returns with a small army to claim the boy. He has his men set the straw on fire inside the inner grounds and soon the monastery is on fire. The monks drop to their knees to pray and Marcellino prays too, as he is hidden away near a life-size statue of Jesus. Soon a hard rain descends on them, putting out the flames and a miracle overtakes the Count and his stubborn men.

Here is a fantastic DVD which encourages the viewer to keep the faith. We are pleased to award our Dove Seal to the film. It is approved for all ages but we wish to note due to its theme of life in a monastery it is not recommended for the very young, who would probably find it slow moving.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: When the monks encourage some nuns to breast feed the baby (in their ignorance) the nuns tell them they are virgins and can't do such a thing.
Language: H (as a place)-2
Violence: A child falls out of a cart and cries out in pain but he is all right; a boy in mischief chases chickens and ties the monks' robes together so they fall when they start walking; a cage is pointed out at a Count's home and it is stated people are placed in jail there and some die; a dead deer is carried in on stakes; a man tries to force a boy to eat meat when he doesn't want to; an image of Jesus with the appearance of red blood on his side; men set fire to bushes and to a monastery.
Drugs: The pouring of wine.
Nudity: A woman breast feeds a baby but it is suggested and not clearly seen.
Other: In a scene that reveals the shortcomings of man; a priest confesses his sins to another priest, and then they change places so the one who had listened to confession can now confess; the monks pray in some inspiring scenes; a baby is baptized; in a few scenes the statue of Jesus seems to come to life as we see a real nail-scarred hand reach out to a boy; the death of a character.