Man on a Ledge

Theatrical Release: January 27, 2012
Man on a Ledge


In the heart-pounding thriller “Man on a Ledge,” Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) makes a desperate and life-threatening move to prove his innocence after he is framed for the theft of a rare, prized diamond. Recently escaped from prison and with nowhere else to go, Nick climbs onto the ledge of a towering skyscraper, inviting the eyes of New York City to anxiously watch as one wrong step could mean plunging to his death. But as one police negotiator soon learns, Nick’s daredevil stunt, captivating the eyes of the public and media, masks a dangerous ploy to reveal the truth about his tarnished name. With the help of his brother and with time running out, Nick’s intricate plan must work perfectly, but when you’re on the 25th floor ledge of a building, going down takes on an entirely more hair-raising meaning. With unpredictable twists and electrifying turns, “Man on a Ledge” features an amazing ensemble cast including Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell, Anthony Mackie, Edward Burns, Genesis Rodriguez, Kyra Sedgwick, and Ed Harris.

Dove Review

This movie was better than I thought it would be, but with heavy content in it in the language department, and some bloody violence, it makes little difference. The suspense and quick-action plot, along with a few mysteries surrounding the enigmatic Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) combine to make an entertaining movie which is sadly not family friendly.

He wants to prove his innocence, that he didn’t steal a valuable diamond and so he goes to a ledge and threatens to jump, drawing attention away from his brother and his brother’s girlfriend, who do some undercover work to attempt to prove Nick’s innocence and also to prove who is really guilty of the crime. The cat and mouse chases and close calls are fun to watch, as is what Nick ultimately decides to do up on the ledge, twenty five stories up in New York City. And there is a surprise at the end regarding a certain character.

Elizabeth Banks is excellent as the cop who attempts to, at first, talk Nick down from the ledge, and then eventually attempts to help him as she comes to believe his story and as she witnesses a few things which don’t add up. It’s regrettable that this one doesn’t earn our Dove Seal as a family-friendly film.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Talk of getting a woman for a man, blonde or whatever; a character talks about having "the best sex of my life".
Language: GD-7; J-3; J/C-2; Ch*ist-1; S-11; Crap-1; Bi*ch-1; SOB-4; H-4; D-2; A-3; F-you-1: Slang for testicles-1
Violence: A car is driven in front of a train and hit; a character fights and punches another character; a frustrated man wants to know why certain people don't just "shoot themselves in the head"; a character remembers a rookie police officer jumping to her death; an explosion blows a hole into a wall; some people shout for a man to go ahead and jump off a city ledge; several people are shot and blood is seen.
Drugs: Smoking; champagne.
Nudity: Strong cleavage in a few scenes; a woman strips her pants off and she is wearing a bikini underneath which reveals strong cleavage and some of her thighs and rear; a woman wearing a T-shirt gets out of bed and you can see that she is cold through her shirt; a woman in a bikini; woman seen in bra.
Other: Betrayal by a cop.


Company: void
Director: Asger Leth
Producer: Mark Vahradian
Genre: Action
Runtime: 102 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter