The Vow

Theatrical Release: February 10, 2012
The Vow


A newlywed couple recovers from a car accident that puts the wife in a coma. Waking up with severe memory loss, her husband endeavors to win her heart again.

Dove Review

“The Vow” is based on a book written by Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. The book is powerful as it opens with how they met, their blossoming romance, and subsequent marriage. Then the reader learns of a tragic accident which left them both in bad shape and took away Krickitt’s recent memory. She no longer recognized her husband Kim. The couple has disagreements as Kim helps “coach” Krickitt during her physical therapy. He pushes her and she doesn’t appreciate it. Eventually, he comes to realize that he must court her all over again, that he can’t be her coach but must be her support. They grow in their “new” relationship and they eventually renew their vows.

The movie changes things around a bit, and much of it is not for the better. In this one the couple’s names are Leo (Channing Tatum) and Paige (Rachel McAdams) and the film cuts to the accident not far into the opening. We don’t get to see how this couple became a couple and enjoyed their romantic beginnings. By film’s end, we don’t see a renewing of vows either and I think these are two critical mistakes in both the front and end of this picture.

The film contains a few laughs including a scene in which Paige is eating bacon for breakfast and a surprised Leo tells her she doesn’t eat bacon. “Oh”, she says, and she takes it out of her mouth! Despite good performances by both leads (Channing Tatum conveys Leo’s pain of not having his own wife recognize him very well) the content of the film is strong, including strong language, and sadly does not focus at all on the couple’s Christian faith, a theme which was a backbone of the book. Therefore, due to the language, we are unable to award our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to this movie.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: A couple of sexual innuendos including a comment about a "c**k blocker" when a married man hangs around his wife and her former fiance'; a woman mentions getting pregnant if she has sex in a car; passionate kissing; a character taunts another character about him possibly going to bed with his wife; it's learned a certain woman's husband cheated on her in the past but she forgave him.
Language: GD-1; G/OMG-9; S-6; BS-1; H-4; D-1; A-1; Slang for male genitalia-2; Sucks-1
Violence: A woman goes head first through a windshield during a car crash; woman seen on oxygen; a man has scrapes on his face and body from accident; tension between a couple and between the man and his wife's parents; a character strikes another character.
Drugs: Drinking wine and talk of getting drinks; beer is consumed;
Nudity: Rear male nudity; shirtless man with bare leg seen; woman in bra and panties; woman's bare back is seen in bed.
Other: The difficulties of recovering from an accident with a memory loss; a woman struggles to make a new life for herself while having a past in front of her; tensions between husband and wife as she doesn't share the memories of their lives as he does.


Company: Sony/Screen Gems
Writer: Jason Katims & Abby Kohn
Director: Michael Sucsy
Producer: Gary Barber
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 104 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter