Donkey Oties Christmas Tale (Manuscript)

Donkey Oties Christmas Tale (Manuscript)


Since the day it happened, Donkey Otie knew a miraculous experience changed his life forever. When he was young Donkey Otie carried Mary, guided by Joseph, into Bethlehem for the census. There he witnessed the birth of a child. They named him Jesus. Everyone who met Jesus knew he was uniquely blessed. So from that very night Donkey Otie told all who would listen, the story of a love he didn’t know existed. He never tired of telling about that special night, a Holy Night, when Jesus Christ was born. Although it happened over two thousand years ago, the story lives on…

Dove Review

What a delight it is to read “Donkey Otie’s Christmas Tale”, written by Vicky C. Branton. She has taken the Nativity story out in a fresh way with wonderful characters such as Scribe Mouse, Old Goat, Older and Younger Pigeon, and of course Mary and Joseph, whose dialog is realistically handled in a way that they might have actually spoken about their circumstance, the need to find her a place to give birth to the Savior of the world in Bethlehem. Then there is Donkey Otie himself, the bearer of Mary and her unborn child. He is a loyal companion and spouts poetry such as: “The census was taken, All members were found, From every tribe and clan, The Hebrews abound.”

Branton uses her imagination to give a name to the Inn keeper, Abner, and although she uses her imagination in creating various characters and the dialog between Mary and Joseph, she keeps the story based in the biblical account of their journey to Bethlehem for the census and for the birth of Mary’s child. An example of the dialog is from page 15 when Mary asks, “Joseph, are we there yet?” Joseph replies, “No Mary, but almost. I can see him from here” (The Inn Keeper). She also writes about Joseph pitching hay in the stall, something he very likely did.

Branton works in historical references such as King Herod dying on page 80 in the manuscript and on page 58 as she pinpoints the birth of the coming Messiah from scripture. She refers to Simeon and Anna as well, who looked for the birth of Jesus, and they come across the young child in the temple later in the story. Yet Branton gives the reader delightful and imaginative characters from the animal world as well. And the script contains words to “Oh Holy Night”, one of the best Christmas songs ever written. We are most happy to award Vicky C. Branton’s manuscript the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal including five Doves, our highest rating. Join Donkey Otie for a wonderful, imaginative journey based on the timeless story of the Nativity.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Mrs. Horse sends snake flying when he draws near; on page 74 Herod orders every male child two and under to be "removed", referring of course to their death; on page 78 screams are heard in the streets; Mary winces in pain but gives birth to a baby and she is fine.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: King Herod is full of himself and Judas plots and plans.


Company: Vicky Branton Entertainment LLC
Writer: Vicky C. Branton; Illustrated by Darren Cranford
Genre: Children
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter