The Jock Hero Dog

DVD Release: July 17, 2012
The Jock Hero Dog


Jock, our hero, is confident, enthusiastic, curious and fearless. He’s our pugnacious and loyal runt of the litter that wins against all odds. Set in the Bushveld near what is today the world famous Kruger Park region of South Africa, the story is about Jock’s adventures with Fitz, his master. Jock escapes death, builds crazy friendships and displays his unrivaled loyalty to Fitz.

As the runt, nothing comes easy to Jock, but with his mother Jess’ love and guidance he turns into Africa’s great hero. The thought of failure never enters his mind.

Dove Review

This movie proves that humble beginnings can lead to great lives. This is an inspiring movie about the runt of the litter, named Jock, a puppy who is considered the bravest of his family even though he is the smallest of his siblings. He is chosen to go on an adventure and soon teams up with a man named Fitz who is off to seek gold in a place called Pilgrim’s Rest. The setting of the film is South Africa.

Jock has several adventures along the way including escaping the clutches of a large bird of prey and helping his friends and family out. He truly shows he is brave and the ending is very satisfying. This animated film shows that helping others out and turning them around can be as great or better as winning a race, which Jock happens to do too. With terrific animation and a voice cast which features the talent of Donald Sutherland, Helen Hunt and Ted Danson, this movie is not to be missed. There are a few fights among the animals in the film plus the death of a dog. The film has a few jump scenes involving a crocodile and a man holds a dog under water for a few seconds, intending to kill it. Due to a few of these “dark” moments we are recommending it for ages twelve plus but parents should consult the content listing below and make their own informed decisions. Some children seven or eight and up may be fine with a parent accompanying them. This one is remarkable! It’s got great animation. Don’t miss it.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: G-1
Violence: A crocodile leaps from the water in a jump scene; an ape is hit on the head with a lamp and knocked out; rifle held on crocodiles and fired; a bird whisks a dog away but he escapes; a man briefly holds a puppy under water, intending to kill it, but he is stopped; a man bumps his head on a wagon; a dog is hurt in fighting with a leopard and eventually dies; a leopard falls from a cliff to its death; a man grabs another man by the collar; it's mentioned a girl was killed by a leopard in the village; man holds spear toward water and crocodiles; an animal hits a man in head with a rock; an animal holds a pitch fork on other animal.
Drugs: A man takes a drink from a flask; a comment about having champagne.
Nudity: Shirtless men.
Other: The death of a dog's mother and some sadness; a few jump scenes including a crocodile jumping up from the water; a man cheats and uses a thorn on a dog to keep it from racing; a word of wisdom is given that one should listen to one's heart and that is how the Spirit of Seize All speaks to us; greed among some characters.


Company: ARC Entertainment
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 80 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter