Anthony: Warrior of God

DVD Release: April 13, 2008
Anthony: Warrior of God


St. Anthony (Jordi Molla – Blow) was born to affluent Portuguese nobles, but rejected material wealth to become a Franciscan monk, dedicating his fine mind and fragile body to defending the poor and oppressed against injustice. The story is told by Folco (Paolo De Vita – The Caiman), a reformed criminal and Anthony’s closest disciple. He recounts the story of the revolutionary saint who dared to challenge the money lenders that enslaved the people of Padua, led by Ronaldo (Damir Todorovic – The Nativity Story), a man who valued money over human life. Anthony fearlessly took on the highest spheres of society–even the Church–in defense of the common people.

This internationally acclaimed film features an ensemble cast of great European actors, including Giovanni Capalbo (The Passion of the Christ), Matt Patresi (The Nativity Story), Arnoldo Foa (Excellent Cadavers), and Franco Francescantonio (Goya in Bordeaux).

Dove Review

He was St. Anthony, called “Antonio” in this movie which features English subtitles. Jordi Molla gives a stupendous performance as the saint who was not afraid to speak his mind to the corrupt leaders of his day. He lived such an extraordinary life, which reflected Christ, that he was named a saint only eleven months following his death. He spoke against the wealth of the pious and fought for the rights of those who languished in poverty.

There are wonderful themes of living a humble and simple life hidden in Christ. The movie contains a few violent scenes which feature the spilling of blood as well as a fairly graphic scene in which a man hangs and his daughter sees him and cries out, “Daddy”. For these reasons we are recommending the film for our Dove “Faith-Based” seal with a caution for violence.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: A prostitute in a tavern asks a man to come sleep with her and she places his hands on her covered breasts although the man resists her; a man forces a quick kiss on a woman.
Language: H (as a place)-1; Bloody-1; A (as in donkey)-2; Oh Dear Lord-1
Violence: A child is struck dead by corrupt men and blood is seen on his face; a man is seen dying as he hangs and his daughter sees him and cries out, "Daddy!"; a few scenes in which a knife is held to someone's throat; a man's ear with a hole in it from the past is seen; a fight in which a man is stabbed and blood is seen on him; men strike one another; food is thrown at corrupt rulers.
Drugs: People are seen drinking and carousing in a tavern.
Nudity: Cleavage; shirtless men; men in loin cloths.
Other: A woman spits on a man; rats are eaten for dinner; rats are seen in street.


Company: Xenon Entertainment
Producer: Angelo Bassi
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 100 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter