Second Chance (2012)

DVD Release: June 1, 2012
Second Chance (2012)


It’s not always easy for Christian teenagers to live for God and stand for what’s right. All
too often they find themselves caught up in secret sin, hanging out with the wrong crowd, and living
in outright rebellion toward authority. Such is the case for Jeremy (Wyatt Cope), in “Second
Chance.” With his relationship with his parents at the breaking point, he ignores their loving pleas
to get right with God and delves even deeper into the evil life of “freedom” he’s always wanted, until
a horrific tragedy changes everything. It’s his final wake-up call. One last time, God reaches out to
give Jeremy a second chance.

Dove Review

Everyone needs and likes a second chance in life, correct? This is the theme of this movie. A teen named Jeremy (Wyatt Cope) disobeys his parents and gets on Skype with a girl he likes named Heather when he is not supposed to, and plans to meet some friends for a few beers. His mother and father are concerned and his mother prays to God on Jeremy’s behalf. Something tragic happens to Jeremy but he is then given a second chance to repent.

This drama hits the target and features a strong performance by Wyatt Cope as Jeremy. We are pleased to recommend this movie for ages twelve plus and we happily award it our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal. Give “Second Chance” a first chance and watch it soon!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: A young man skypes with a girl against his parents' wishes.
Language: A "church boy" comment and a boy lets his parents know a decision they made is, in his opinion, "stupid".
Violence: A young man is accidentally shot and blood is seen on his chest and mouth but we learn that there is more to this scene than meets the eye; a young man slams his bedroom door in anger toward his parents; a young man and his parents have a disagreement and tension.
Drugs: Underage drinking (beer) but there is a consequence and all but one teen repents.
Nudity: None
Other: The themes of a young man arguing with his parents and the tension involved are more suited for those ages twelve and up; a young man lies to his parents; some disrespect by teens in their attitude toward the youth pastor and toward a certain young man.


Company: Our Time Ministries
Director: Caleb Garraway and Joseph Brown
Producer: Marion Avenue Baptist Church
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 54 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter