Everyone Loves Mel

DVD Release: August 16, 2011
Everyone Loves Mel


Set in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the legend of Swanson Lake is kept by one man, Bill (Ernest Borgnine). And he’s not about to surrender it! When Bill’s grandsons come for a summer visit, they stumble into a big-time adventure with a giant turtle named Mel. When Bill’s neighbor Bailey (Jack Scalia) tries to kidnap Mel in order to feature him in a proposed theme park, the grandsons plot to hide Mel from the neighbor. Then the fun begins, and Mel becomes an unlikely hero!

Dove Review

This is a fantasy film which feeds the imagination! When Roger and Travis are sent to spend the summer with their grandfather Bill (Ernest Borgnine), soon after they arrive in Coehege, Washington, population 300, Roger looks around and says, “This is perfect. It’s better than Mayberry.” Fortunately, his sarcasm softens before long after meeting a pretty neighbor named Susie and learning that Grandpa Bill has a secret regarding a creature named Mel.

There are those who live in Coehege who believe in the legend of the Swannie, the old Indian myth about a creature sent by the spirits to protect Swanson Lake. Soon Roger and Travis and Susie learn the secret first hand, and also that a scum named Bailey Silverwood (Jack Scalia), who plots to force Grandpa Bill to sell him his land, once had an encounter himself with Mel. The movie features themes of showing respect to elders and that forgiveness and saying “I’m sorry” are still two great things going to this day. This imaginative story may just make you wonder what you would do should Mel ever come into your life! We award our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages twelve plus to this magical movie!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Kissing by a couple.
Language: G/OMG-9; Sucks-1; H-3; Loser-1; Crap-2; Idiot-1; D-6; A-1; Geez-1; Bull-1; Son of a...(not finished)-1; Moron-1; reference to a creature's name seems to be a slang for male genitalia-1; You Suck-2
Violence: Man pulls knife on creature in fog and creature bloodies man's face who is later seen with a scar; tension between mom and son and between other family members; a tree is purposely cut which crashes into a boy's bedroom; an accident in which an old vehicle crashes into an explosive shack and there is a great explosion; a man sabotages his own property with a man's tractor and there are more explosions; man grabs co-worker by the throat; a tiger is seen on the loose but doesn't harm anyone; some blood seen on one character.
Drugs: Boy seen with cigarettes and lights up in a scene in a barn but his grandfather makes the boy inhale a cigar which makes him sick and he does not smoke again; a character chews tobacco and spits a lot; a comment which says, "What are you on, drugs?"
Nudity: Shirtless boy seen swimming.
Other: A kid attempts to shoplift a video game but is caught and there are consequences; a teen shows disrespect to his grandfather when he first meets him but changes later on; an old Indian legend says a creature was sent by a spirit to protect Swanson Lake; a boy who became ill from smoking is heard vomiting off screen; a boy says he's thinking about getting a tattoo.


Company: Osiris Entertainment
Director: Joey Travolta
Producer: Joey Travolta
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 88 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter