God Dont Let Him Come to Camp

DVD Release: August 3, 2012
God Dont Let Him Come to Camp


Unscrupulous televangelist; LW Mammon owns a camp called “Spirit Town” which is run by do-gooder Joel Whaley. Joel wants kids to have fun without the pressure of hearing about sin and salvation. Mammon wants the camp to tank so he can put up high rises. Enter fiery evangelist Brother Jonas; he hates kids and hopes they rot in hell… that’s when the fun begins.

Dove Review

The filmmakers set out to show how over-the-top some beliefs are and how some people can’t see the helpful side of Christianity but prefer to blindly oppose it, not realizing that genuine Christianity offers solutions and is not meant to be a condemning experience but uplifting one. The “choke-hold” of Christianity on youth is mentioned in the beginning of the film. The actors in the story play over-the-top themselves, apparently wanting to emphasize the point. One person says, “They crammed their hope and love down my throat. Maybe I wanted despair and loneliness. That’s my right.” One minister, Bishop L.W. Mammon, is a circus-performer type, flamboyant and constantly asking for money on TV. He preaches like the old-time ministers with a “huh, bless God, the devil, huh, is a liar, and huh, he is defeated.” This may offend some although I suspect not many. The main point seems to be his emphasis on money and merchandising the gospel.

A documentary filmmaker, Priscilla Orange-Lunsford (Ariel Walden), sets out to show the falsehood of Christianity but instead becomes a follower of Christ by film’s end and realizes, “this is real”. There is a lot of content in the film which is listed below, and its over-the-top style of acting and theatrics may not be for everyone, but there are those who may choose to use the DVD as a tool to emphasize the need for a simple, un-altered, pure gospel of love and the importance of undiluted Christianity. The film features a revival near the conclusion and testimonies of changed lives. Therefore we are awarding our Dove Seal to this DVD for ages twelve plus. We recommend viewers check out the content description to determine if this might be a tool they can utilize in a youth group or other setting.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: It's stated a few girls became pregnant at a Christian camp; a counselor asks girls if they are using "protection"; kissing; a woman is seen buttoning up blouse and the implication is that she was messing around with the minister in his office.
Language: G/OMG-2; One man says he hopes another group all rot in "H", but he changes later on; "Skank"-1; Kid calls a girl "a dog"; Sucks-1; "H" fire and brimstone is mentioned.
Violence: None
Drugs: A man says, "I just want to have a beer"; girls drink a beverage in a scene but it is not clear what they are drinking;
Nudity: Cleavage.
Other: The choke hold of Christianity on youth is mentioned; woman states she is a "recovering Christian"; a minister admits, "God isn't like me, he's merciful" but he changes himself by film's end; "Give us money!" shows up on a TV minister's screen; a minister mentions his "vast empire"; a man falls in water; a comment about a tattoo ministry; kids throw paper wads; to make a point in the film a group leaves the words "my lord" out of a song so as to not offend anyone; calling baby Jesus at manger "baby Buddha" or "baby Mohamed"; one believes you don't have to believe in name of Jesus to be saved; kids show middle fingers but it is snowed out but one can tell what they did; a boy speaks up on behalf of gay people.


Company: Moving Pictures
Writer: Jeff Walden
Director: Jesse Walden
Producer: Darius Walden
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 96 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter