Journey to Jamaa

DVD Release: September 18, 2012
Journey to Jamaa


Journey to Jamaa is the true and deeply moving account of the difficult and often dangerous journey two orphaned children are forced to make to find their only remaining family. With their mother’s last dying wish to guide them… and nowhere else to turn… young Margaret and Derick set out on a journey across Africa that will touch your heart. Produced by World Vision and directed by award winning producer Michael Landon Jr., Journey to Jamaa is a poignant and inspiring story where tragedy and hardship ultimately lead to the discovery of hope, family… and the very heart of God.

Dove Review

This is a touching story of the journey of two children to their new home following their mother’s death. It is based on a true story.

The story contains themes of perseverance and moving forward after life drops a bomb which in this case is the death of the children’s mother. When their mother dies of AIDS in a third world country the brother and sister pull and push the mother’s body (which lies in a home-made coffin) to their uncle and aunt’s home. The uncle doesn’t want the kids because of the way the mother died, from the HIV virus. The children run away but through the intervention of the local minister, who reminds the uncle that Christ often comes to us in the form of someone who is needy or a child, the uncle changes his mind and he gives the children a home.

This is a warm and touching story which offers a hope and a future to those who have endured hardship. We gladly award this DVD our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages, although the movie features a few intense scenes which may frighten the very young. It is more suitable for ages eight and up. This is a good story and should be seen!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Mother has sores and dried blood on her face; the death of two kids' mother; grief; a girl has nightmare of mother lying on bed dead and the mother opens her eyes and of the mother being underneath the water; the children make a home-made coffin to bury their mother in; two people yell at each other in a foreign language; girl dreams of her brother being held captive.


Company: Worldvision Home Video, Inc.
Writer: Brian Bird
Producer: Brian Bird and Michael Landon Jr.
Genre: Documentary
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter