The American Bible Challenge (Episode 1)

Theatrical Release: August 23, 2012
The American Bible Challenge (Episode 1)


Comedian and author Jeff Foxworthy hosts this studio-based game in which contestants compete based on their knowledge of the Bible. Utilizing current as well as historical references, questions will be drawn from the rich, dense narrative found in the world’s best-selling book. The contestants will share their compelling back-stories and each team will be playing for a charitable organization.

Dove Review

What a terrific new game show! This show should do well in many markets as there are people everywhere interested in the Bible. Jeff Foxworthy hosts this new show based on correctly answering questions from the Bible. There are three groups and each one plays for their particular charity, such as one which plays to fund a ministry which feeds hungry people.

One category features questions about Noah asking “what did God use to make his covenant with man following the flood” and the answer is, of course, the rainbow. In one interesting category, quotes are given either from the Bible or the Lord of the Rings movies and the contestant has to answer if the quote came from the Bible or the movie. In the final round whichever team gets the most answers correct in sixty seconds wins the game. The game features a testimony and some music.

We think this game show based on answering Bible questions is a wonderful idea. We are pleased to award this show and its concept five Doves, our highest rating. Join Jeff Foxworthy and give this program a watch soon. It will be fun to see how many questions you nail with the right answers.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
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Company: GSN
Director: Michael Simon
Producer: RelativityREAL
Runtime: 43 min.
Starring: Host: Jeff Foxworthy
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter