No Lost Cause

DVD Release: October 19, 2012
No Lost Cause


“No Lost Cause” is the story of Beth Ann Collins, a pretty young woman who is tragically paralyzed after being hit by a drunk driver. As a result, she is forced to live with her estranged father, Billy. Doctors give her little hope of recovery. Beth Ann becomes increasingly angry and spiteful, lashing out at everyone around her, as her chances of a full recovery lessen. But Billy refuses to give up on her, enlisting the help of youth at his church who befriend Beth Ann. They have faith in something more powerful than a doctor’s diagnosis.

Dove Review

“No Lost Cause” is a winner and a terrific inspirational drama. It has an appropriate title as a young man, a Christian named Nick (Nils Hamilton), sees a wounded person beneath the hard veneer of Beth Ann Collins (Caitlyn Waltermire). She is a woman injured by a drunken driver and forced to live life in a wheelchair. She is hardened and bitter and takes out her vitriolic attitude on those unfortunate enough to be around her. But Nick won’t give up on her, wheeling her outside to get some fresh air, playing a game of horse shoes with her, and telling her about God’s love for her. He even tells a friend, “I think she has a good heart…deep down!”

Beth Ann is also bitter toward her dad, Billy (Brian Douglas Barker), not realizing that her mother has pushed Beth Ann off on her father because her dad can take the difficult times. She calls her father “Billy” but realizes by film’s end what a gift he actually is to her. When she was a child, her mother Jenna left her father because she couldn’t handle his getting close to God, something which Beth Ann does not know about. She thought her dad didn’t want to be with her when she was younger which just isn’t true.

When Beth Ann realizes she has feelings for Nick and is able to forgive the man who caused her injuries, a miracle happens shortly afterward. The ending is sure to make a lot of people happy including our viewers who enjoy some romantic moments in life. This is a wonderful story with strong themes of forgiving and loving people right where they are. We are very pleased to award this movie our Faith Friendly Seal for ages twelve plus.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Kissing by a couple.
Language: H (as a place)-1; Duh-1
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: Mild cleavage; young women in swim-wear and a woman's thigh exposed for a few brief moments.
Other: Tensions between a father and daughter; a girl lies to her friend and tells her she is at the library when she really is not; a young woman is bitter about her circumstances and is sarcastic and rude to people including her family; a couple argue; the difficulties of being confined to a wheel chair.


Company: Destiny Image Films
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 103 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter