I Forgive You: Episode 1

DVD Release: November 18, 2012
I Forgive You: Episode 1


An emotional, uplifting and compelling one-hour documentary reality series, “I Forgive” allows individuals the opportunity to forgive someone who has hurt them or a loved one. Whether the affliction is physical or emotional – the murder of a family member, an estranged parent or sibling, infidelity or bullying – the series brings two parties together to try and facilitate healing, overcome hatred, anger and revenge from real-life traumatizing events. Guided with mediation and healing support from educator and therapist Angie Richey, each story will showcase the ‘ forgiver’ and the ‘receiver’ of the forgiveness before, during and after an act of forgiveness.

Dove Review

This is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen on forgiveness. It features therapist and ordained minister Angie Richey as she works with several people to find forgiveness. In one case a woman goes to her 25th High School reunion and meets with two people who either bullied her or did nothing to stop it when she was in Middle School and High School. The woman, Linda Frederick, winds up meeting with several of her old classmates and many of them sign her yearbook. She makes amends and says she feels light, like a weight has lifted, following the meeting with her old classmates. One man named Shawn weeps and regrets how he bullied her.

In other scenarios a man named Juan feels regret as he had just shaken Bobby Kennedy’s hand in 1968 moments before he was assassinated. Juan feels guilt and that he might have delayed Bobby and contributed to his death. He goes to Bobby’s grave to seek forgiveness and then later says if God forgave him and Bobby too (he believes he did) that he needs to forgive himself. Angie Richey helps guide him through the process. A man named Jeff who fraudulently took funds from people and used much of it for himself has to face his own family including his father. He took his father’s retirement savings and lost the entire amount. The family finds relief in the meeting.

Finally Mary Johnson forgives a man named Oshea who as a sixteen-year-old met her son, twenty, at a party and after an altercation shot and killed him. She forgives him and amazingly today, many years later after he was released from prison, he lives next door to her and they share their story with many people. This amazing documentery will touch many lives and we are pleased to award it our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal. Watch it as soon as you can and it might just change your life!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: H (as a place)-2; OMG-1; P-3; Bull (not finished)-1
Violence: Comments about a man being shot several times and dying; scenes of Bobby Kennedy on floor after being shot and some blood is seen; comments about kids bullying a girl including throwing things at her and shoving her.
Drugs: Talk of a party where a shooting occurs; drinks are seen in one scene.
Nudity: None
Other: The burden of guilt and non-forgiveness is mentioned.


Company: UPtv
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 43 min.
Starring: Mediator: Angie Richey
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter