The Frontier Boys (Novelization)

Theatrical Release: June 1, 2012
Book Release: June 1, 2012
The Frontier Boys (Novelization)


Brent Fencett found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now his friend’s life hangs in the balance, his basketball season is on the brink, and Brent is reluctantly trying to help his other best friends solve the very crime he committed.

As they get closer and closer to finding some answers, Brent faces the deepest choice in his life – to come clean or to cover up his own guilt. Only one choice will set him free.

Dove Review

“The Frontier Boys” is a fast-paced adventure where sports, crime, and moral dilemmas meet. Based on the film of the same title, author and director John Grooters explores the consequences of big crime on a small town. Readers will find themselves drawn into the characters’ struggle between loyalty and fear.

Parents need to know that this book is largely concerned with gangs, drug dealing, and gun violence. While realizing that these are real-life elements in our fallen society, the author does his best to curb bad language and show positive alternatives to a life of crime.

“The Frontier Boys” is filled with spiritual content, and prayer is a major theme. One scene that the author creates particularly well shows how when some prayers are answered in the way a character wants, other characters may still suffer; but God’s will is perfect throughout.

I recommend this book to teens and parents of teens who want to see how Christianity plays out in real-life gang situations. But I also advise parents to discuss these themes in depth with their kids. Some of the situations are pretty intense! Readers will also get a healthy dose of basketball, so a working understanding of the game might be helpful.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Friends hug, multiple times.
Language: Childish name calling - multiple times; jokes about incontinence; piss-1; crap-1; crappy-1; pee - multiple times
Violence: Fighting with elbows and fists - multiple times; threats of violence - multiple times; roughhousing - multiple times; girl is pushed off a stationary motorcycle; character lies about being threatened with a knife; guns are fired - multiple times; character gets shot; character is kicked; character is beaten and bloody; character is threatened with a gun; Molotov cocktails - multiple mentions; character is injured by flying glass.
Drugs: Inappropriate steroid use; smoking cigarettes; drinking beer; characters work toward creating a meth lab - multiple times; underage character offered beer; drinking and driving; character is drunk with a gun.
Nudity: None
Other: Character has a tattoo; characters are children of divorced parents; characters drive vehicles irresponsibly; themes of gang and drug-related activity throughout; characters are children of parent who have died of cancer; characters are treated for injuries in hospital; character has spinal cord injuries; character urinates - multiple instances; building burns down; organ donation is presented, multiple times; character dies from an illness; character is wheelchair-bound.


Company: Destiny Image Films
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 232
Reviewer: Josh Mosey