The Mark II: Redemption

DVD Release: May 7, 2013
The Mark II: Redemption


Moments after parachuting from Flight 777, former Marine Chad Turner (Craig Scheffer) and flight attendant Dao (Sonia Couling) find themselves descending into a world of madness. The Tribulation has begun. Panic and chaos plague the streets, and cities are on fire. But they have even greater problems. They’re being hunted by a team of mercenaries lead by Joseph Pike (Gary Daniels) and funded by the power-hungry, Phillip Turk (Ivan Kamaras) with orders to extract the biometric microchip living in Chad Turner’s body and prepare it for the masses. The only hope to protect the microchip and prevent it from falling into the hands of evil is for Chad to summon all his elite skills in battle to outrun and outlast the forces against him — and call on a higher power to provide the necessary strength to prevail.

Dove Review

This movie gives a reliable account from the Book of Revelation and is an action-packed film. In this presentation the mark of the Beast comes in the form of a chip implanted inside people.

One of the well-handled scenes features the new powerful ruler, Phillip Turk, and he is able to explain away the Rapture to those who remain on earth in a logical fashion. He is able to unite the world leaders under one flag. He speaks of peace and convinces those who listen to him that he is sincere and that his ideals will work.

This movie will make the viewer ponder the future and this is an interesting watch for sure. We are pleased to award this movie our Faith Friendly Seal for twelve plus, due to some violent moments which fortunately are not over the top. This movie features solid acting and an interesting script. Take a look into the future and watch this one soon!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: H (as a place)-1; H-1
Violence: Shootings and explosions in several scenes with some blood but it is not gratuitous; fighting and some punching and kicking; gun held on a man and woman; man is thrown off a motorcycle but he survives.
Drugs: Smoking cigarettes and cigar.
Nudity: Shirtless man.
Other: A little girl is kidnapped but is rescued; man of evil (the beast) rises to power and his mark is a chip.


Company: PureFlix
Director: James Chankin
Genre: Action
Runtime: 94 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter