Shes Still Not Our Sister

DVD Release: November 19, 2013
Shes Still Not Our Sister


A four part series based on the hit gospel play SHE’S NOT OUR SISTER, dealing with the ongoing saga of the Walker sisters as they continue to struggle with their lives, personal relationships, careers, trials and tribulations, while still trying to figure out how to deal with the millions of dollars their estranged father left to them after his death.

Dove Review

This wonderful DVD features likable actors, an interesting plot, and enough drama and suspense to make a calm person tense! Four sisters are to receive an inheritance from their father who recently passed on. However, he has a stipulation that the sisters have to live together for a time in the house they grew up in. It was the father’s hope that they would get past any financial or other issues and lean on each other to develop strong ties.

There are four episodes that make up the DVD including “Daddy Issues” in which one sister spends an outrageous amount of money on gambling at casinos, even frittering away money she borrowed from one of her sisters. The sister is none too happy and wants to be paid back. In episode two, “Graduation and Disappointment” one sister doesn’t want to tell her other sister that is interested in a college degree that she never finished high school. Also, one sister works through issues with her fiance’ as her wedding date nears. In episode three, “Vivian Goes to Paris” Vivian is almost taken in by a man in Paris that only wants her money. Finally, in episode four, “On with our Lives” the wedding nears and Denise and the other sisters have important decisions to make.

The DVD features a pastor and some spiritual songs in the movie and shows that, with forgiveness and patience, family members can get along and get past anything. We are happy to award our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to this DVD for ages twelve plus. This movie is about family so families should enjoy it.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Kissing between a couple; a woman says, "Baby, I'm a virgin"; a comment about a man's leopard underwear; a minister hugs a woman tight and uses an innuendo in saying she has a great future "behind" her.
Language: J (a woman implores his name as in prayer)-1; J (used with reverence)-1; G/OMG-10; Butt-2
Violence: Thief breaks a window.
Drugs: Wine; other drinks including champagne; a joke about being on "crack".
Nudity: Cleavage in several scenes; short skirts and shorts and woman in just T-shirt with thigh showing.
Other: Tension between the sisters at times; one sister gambles a lot and owes money; a "peed in the cornflakes" comment; a thief breaks into a home and steals some items; a discussion about buying a gun for protection; a couple has some tension but works through it.


Company: RLJ Entertainment
Director: Roger Melvin
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 179 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter