Anything is Possible

DVD Release: September 24, 2013
Anything is Possible


Nathan runs away and goes live in the streets where he befriends a homeless war veteran.
Captain Miles takes the kid under his wing and becomes responsible for the child’s safety.
Because the kid doesn’t want to reveal where he lives, the Captain tricks him into befriending
Jesse, another ten-year-old whose mother is involved with running orphanages. Nathan
persuades Jesse to keep his presence at her house a secret until he figures out what to do.
During Evelyn and Jesse’s absence from the house, Nathan finds a grand piano and as he
begins to play, we discover that he’s a gifted virtuoso. Upon Jesse’s return, they catch him
playing the piano and eventually return him to his father. Before, he can go live with his dad,
he has to stay at the orphanage until Child Care Services straightens out the custody of the
child. While at the orphanage, the children find out that the institution will be shut down,
because their grant request was rejected. The orphans, along with Jesse and Nathan devise
a plan to raise funds for the orphanage, which includes a piano concert by prodigy, Nathan
Peters. After the concert’s huge success, Nathan remains empty and sad, because of his
mother’s disappearance, but, is anything possible?

Dove Review

“Anything is Possible” certainly is true of this movie about a young music prodigy. Ethan Bortnick plays Nathan Peters and his talent is inspiring. In addition, the father gives sage advice to his son, telling him it doesn’t matter how big and strong he becomes as long as he has character.

George and Maggie Peters are close to each other and to Nathan. The beginning of the film shows them clowning around as Nathan records the family at home with a video device. But soon the fun-loving family deals with a crisis when Maggie suddenly flies to Japan to help out as a tsunami strikes. Soon the news strikes home that she was on a bridge that collapsed and rescue workers are trying to locate her as well as others. Nathan was adopted by George after George and his mother, Maggie, got together. Maggie had been a single mom. Now the state wants all the paperwork to be done correctly and Nathan to go to foster care. Nathan overhears and runs away from home. He comes across a homeless man in Detroit named Miles, a former vet of the war, and soon Nathan’s prodigy like talent for playing the piano is discovered. A local orphanage is going to shut down due to lack of funds but suddenly Nathan’s friend Jesse comes up with a terrific idea: What if Nathan plays a concert as a fund raiser for the orphanage?

Nathan begins to lose hope his mom will return but Miles talks with him, reminding him that soldiers have a lot of heart. The movie ends with the words “Anything is Possible” and this movie does a wonderful job in reminding viewers that if they believe in themselves that anything truly remains a possibility. We are pleased to award this fantastic movie our Dove Seal for all ages and five Doves, our highest rating. Young Ethan Bortnick is incredible as Nathan.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Kissing by a husband and wife.
Language: Duh-1
Violence: Boys break a man's window with a rock but later regret it and tell him about it.
Drugs: Homeless woman seen with a bag that may or may not contain alcohol.
Nudity: Cleavage.
Other: A boy and father deal with sadness as they wait to learn whether or not the mother/wife is still alive after an accident.


Company: RLJ Entertainment
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 93 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter