Destiny Road

DVD Release: June 3, 2014
Destiny Road


Each of us creates our own history and meets our destiny in this life. But sometimes, during this journey, circumstances seem to swallow us and seem to overwhelm us, and we end up losing our way.

Frank is a dedicated religious leader who becomes obsessed by power, money and unbridled ambition. What will speak louder: the spiritual or material life?

Jeremiah is the result of a dysfunctional family who learns from “the streets” to fend for himself. Only a miracle can save him from a tragic figure.

Elizabeth was raised by an overprotective mother, groomed to go to the best schools and to meet the right guy. She meets Johnny and they have a great love, they get married and begin experiencing for the first time, a freedom for which she never knew. The stress of an overprotective mother causes there to be a riff in the relationship and leads to problems perhaps too large to solve.

Three different stories, three people seeking the same answer to their dilemmas: how to chart a new direction in life. What is the solution? They find it on Destiny Road.

Dove Review

This inspirational movie focuses on destiny, a theme everyone can relate to! The themes that are featured are greed and its consequences, forgiveness, a prodigal son returning to the church and perseverance.

The film centers on three families, Pastor Frank and wife Anne, Jeremiah (alone) and Elizabeth and Johnny. Pastor Frank is tempted by greed and power, Jeremiah is tempted to steal, and Elizabeth and Johnny are a young couple that grow apart from each other and away from God and have to find their way back.

The film features several spiritual themes including a young man becoming a pastor after making a lot of mistakes before that. We wish to note that there is a lot of content in the film under the “Other” category but nothing over the top on its own and the main characters all repent of mistakes and sin. We are pleased to award this film our Family Approved Seal for 12+ due to a few sophisticated themes. This movie does a terrific job of encouraging the viewer to think about the future and one’s destiny.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: An innuendo about sex; kissing between a couple; girl asks boy what he thinks of her jeans and turns her rear to him; young couple talk about when the time is right they want to be together (sexually) and they are a Christian couple; pastor flees from woman coming on to him; implied sex between an unmarried couple but the man later repents and they all wind up in church by the end.
Language: G/OMG-3; D-2; A-1; Puke comment-2; Crap-1
Violence: Boy is hit by car but scene is not graphic; boy is seen on ground after being shot; fighting; shoving match and fight between boys.
Drugs: The drinking of beer; smoking cigarettes.
Nudity: None
Other: Boy steals woman's wallet; kite is stolen; gambling seen; pastor complains about member not putting much in collection and eating too much at picnic; pastor mentions "creative bookkeeping" but later regrets it; young boy suggests young girl lie to mother and skip school; some kids skip school; boy teased about his name; pastor uses church money in stock market; young boy steals and teaches younger boy how to do it; pastor uses pulpit to come against people; woman miscarries and blood seen on carpet; character rips off bus driver; woman has stroke and winds up in wheel chair; pastor sees scary images of Satan and of woman with glowing eyes in his mind.


Company: Uptone Pictures
Producer: Michael Davis
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 96 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter