Pup Star: World Tour

Pup Star: World Tour


PUP STAR is back and bigger than ever as the hit singing-pup competition show goes global! After achieving international stardom, Tiny the adorable Yorkie joins the celebrity judges for the first-ever Pup Star World Tour. The judges each welcome their favorite contestant from around the world to the Pup Star pack, training them to compete for the new title of global pup star champion. India’s Raji joins Team Growl, China’s Ming joins Team Paw-Paw, Nigeria’s Mobo joins Team Gnarley, and Mexico’s dashing telenovela star Julio joins Team Tiny. Talented, irresistible, and massively arrogant, Julio throws a wrench into Tiny’s personal life when he invites himself to stay with the family in Chicago while they rehearse for the grand finale. But while Tiny’s distracted by her protégé, Bark, Roland, and Kano have other plans. The Mean Team are up to their old antics, doing everything they can to take Tiny down and regain control of Pup Star. When the families of the judges go missing, and Bark’s plan becomes exposed, an incredible secret is revealed! Can Tiny stop Bark from ruining the spirit of Pup Star? A fun, big scale musical adventure, Pup Star: World Tour features a rich tapestry of fantastic new songs, and a heart-warming story where they discover that family is being one pack, one voice, singing in harmony!

Dove Review

This movie could be rated I for Imagination! The Pup Star world expands and goes Global with Pup Star: World Tour! The film features the Pup Star World Tour which winds up in India, Africa, and other locations, including the U.S. Various songs are performed by the talented dogs with different accents spanning the globe. Ultimately, the theme of this quirky and funny movie is that music is the universal language that brings us all together.

Of course, there is always a spoilsport in the group, and Bark (voiced by George Newbern) intends to cheat to gain some recognition. Kaitlyn Maher does a terrific job in voicing Tiny and another character in the film. Steve Valentine voices Simon Growl, a judge of the talent, which is quite hilarious in itself. He sort of reminds you of Simon Cowell. Coincidence?

The memorable characters include Julio, a Spanish dog with a terrific voice whose accent and charm make the lady dogs swoon. Still, there is something that doesn’t add up about Julio. What can it be?

Pup Star: World Tour is funny and fun for the whole family! For example, when a man is shaken up in a plane and stumbles when he gets out, a dog says, “It’s amazing he has enough brains to scramble!” There’s a bit of rude humor but the many songs and the message of following your dreams are commendable. The action never slows down, and the music is energetic. We are awarding the film our Dove Seal for All Ages.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: Characters uncover a scam and stand up for the right thing
Sex: None
Language: Bozo; chumps; dog breath; butt; suckers; one OMG
Violence: Some slapstick violence, including tasting, hitting, bumping - all humorously conveyed
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Air Bud Entertainment
Writer: Robert Vince
Director: Robert Vince
Producer: Anna McRoberts
Genre: Family
Runtime: 87 min.
Reviewer: Ed C.