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Greetings from the Dove Review Team,

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to review your content. We have a team of talented and educated writers all around the country. Dove reviews screenplays, rough cuts, or final films, providing a service to filmmakers and audiences who want to ensure their entertainment meets Dove  standards.

Submitting your work via a secure digital link is preferred.


Please Include a screener with status of edit (final or in-progress).

Video submissions: Digital screener preferred; send secure link to If you need to send a physical DVD, the address is at the bottom of this page.

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  • Synopsis
  • Company
  • Distributor
  • Producer
  • Writer
  • Link to a YouTube Trailer
  • Director
  • Actors
  • Genre’ (Comedy, Drama, Fiction Etc.)
  • Runtime or number of pages
  • Official Industry Rating
  • Release Date

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Please select the review service for your product:
$200 per DVD or Digital screener (120 minutes or less) – completed in 5 business days
$150 per DVD or Digital screener (120 minutes or less) – completed in 3-4 weeks
$1.55/minute – DVD over 120 minutes/Episodic DVDs/Box Set – completed in 5 business days
$1.25/minute – DVD over 120 minutes/Episodic DVDs/Box Set – completed in 3-4 weeks
$250 per Screenplay – completed in 3-4 weeks
$400 for In-depth Content Analysis including suggested edits (Includes pre and post-edit reviews)
$100 per Illustrated Children’s Book or Short (15,000 words or less) – completed in 2 weeks
$200 per Novella (20,000-40,000 words) – completed in 2 weeks
$250 per Novel/Book (please email a .pdf to – completed in 3-4 weeks
Special Pricing Pre-Approved by Dove Review Administrator (Call 503-726-5210)
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