writer: Edgar Wright

Baby Driver

Baby Driver is something of the perfect vehicle for [director] Edgar Wright's filmmaking techniques. By mixing up musical styles and genres and setting the action to each accordingly, he proves that, as a filmmaker, he is a classicist in his inspirations, but a full-throttled progressive in his [...]


December 8, 2015

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

"Ant-Man" is a pleasant surprise, much better than I anticipated. Sure, it's a Marvel movie, and most everyone loves Marvel, but who would have thought a movie about a man who shrinks to become "Ant-Man" would be any good? Yet it is, and very good, at that. It is action-packed, funny, and features [...]

Scott Pilgrim vs the World

"Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" had a lot of potential. It has some very comical actors and actresses but the filmmaker's sense of humor is twisted. The story's about a twenty-two year old who falls in love with Ramona, and these two opposites are somehow attracted to one another. The whole story is [...]

Hot Fuzz

July 31, 2007
There are three words that come to mind after screening this film: funny, black, and violent. It is funny in spots with some clean humor, such as an extreme case when police officer Angel throws a spray can at a shoplifter he is chasing, and the can lands on top of the thief's head and knocks him [...]