writer: Jeffrey Schenck

The Dog Who Saved Summer

June 2, 2015

Dove Approved for All Ages

Our favorite talking dog, Zeus, is back and summer has began. Belinda is trying to start a new catering business and, of course, George and the kids are trying to help. But the best laid plan sometimes don't come out as hoped. When Belinda's competition show up at the baby shower with her little [...]

12 Christmas Wishes for My Dog

November 27, 2012

Dove Approved for All Ages

This is a modern tale with an old fashioned feel to it. This family film offers up a bit of romance, fantasy, and real-world difficulties which need to be overcome. Ultimately, it is about the priorities of life and romantic love and is worth viewing for these nice themes that are featured. Laura [...]

The Dog Who Saved Halloween

September 13, 2011

Dove Approved for All Ages

Our favorite K-9, Zeus, is back with his master, George and they are on a mission to save Halloween. But they are not alone, they have the comical criminal duo of Ted and Stuie to add to the mixture of funny antics. Much like in the previous films "The Dog Who Saved Christmas" and "The Dog Who [...]

An Accidental Christmas

Dove Approved for All Ages

David and Victoria, two extremely work-oriented parents, are separated. When Christmas rolls around, their children, Will and Melissa, refuse to believe that they will not be spending the holiday as a family, so they devise a plan to help their parents fall back in love with each other. David and [...]