writer: Jeremy Leven

My Sisters Keeper

First off, this is a movie that deals very much with death and its impact and subsequent loss. There were several people sniffing and crying around me as the movie ended. There is no question that the film is well acted and is very much a story which could actually happen. The viewer begins [...]

Alex and Emma – Edited

February 16, 2004

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

"Alex and Emma" is a great twist on the classic love story. With all of the elements of a good movie, and a good novel, "Alex and Emma" pulls you into a world of intrigue and romance. Luke Wilson is desperately funny and Kate Hudson's wit and charm makes her easy to fall in love with. "Alex and [...]

Legend of Bagger Vance

Director Robert Redford has assembled a cast, crew and script all bent on satisfying popcorn munchers. With his likeable actors and thought-provoking story, Redford uses the game of golf as an analogy to the “game” of life. There is a spiritual depth to the film as the title character helps [...]

Don Juan DeMarco – Filtered

October 5, 1999
After he begins counseling a patient (Depp) who thinks he is Don Juan, an aging psychiatrist (Brando) discovers that just being around his young patient inspires him to become something of a Don Juan himself, and he begins to rekindle the romance in his marriage. I think this is a very sweet and [...]