writer: Jonathan Nolan


Space travelers unite! Here is a movie that will have you on the edge of ... the galaxy. Cooper was trained as an astronaut but now farms with his father-in-law and his two children. They raise corn because it seems to be the only thing that grows these days. If that weren't bad enough, they are [...]

The Dark Knight Rises

The latest edition in the Batman saga falls short in multiple ways. The action isn't impressive, the fight scenes linger on, the bad guys murder many in cold blood and the special effects are flat. That said, the story is more intricate than in the previous films and does hold one's attention for [...]

The Dark Knight

"The Dark Knight" is indeed very dark. This is most likely the darkest and most violent "Batman" movie yet. There are some graphic scenes including a man's burned face on screen; and the stitching up of a flesh wound, and many, many people killed throughout the film. There is comparatively little [...]


"Prestige" has a very interesting premise and many twists and turns along its magical ride. Wonderful acting and writing captivate you and draw you into the story of the two entertaining magicians who get caught up in competing against each other and stealing each other's secrets. The film falls [...]