writer: Paul Attanasio

The Good German

After viewing this movie at an early screening, at the conclusion I thought, "What a cheery little movie." I was being sarcastic to myself. This movie has a great cast, and the black and white cinematography works well for this post-World War ll period film, in which a lot of the pieces are still [...]

Quiz Show – Filtered

September 7, 1999

Dove Approved for All Ages

In 1958 the quiz show "Twenty One" was called out for its scandalous acts. The American people are outraged and now no longer have trust in television game shows. This film tells how the scandals were unraveled. Who did it end up hurting the most: TV or the people playing the [...]

Disclosure – Filtered

April 29, 1997
Meredith, a beautiful but dangerous woman, is brought into Digicom Corporation and given a position that Tom Sanders thought was going to be his. The two were former lovers and now Meredith is the boss. She tries to seduce Tom and start up their relationship again, but when Tom (who is happily [...]