writer: Ted Griffin

Tower Heist

This is one of those "real potential" movies. It had the potential to be genuinely funny and entertaining but, regretfully, it falls short due to two main reasons: 1. It is sometimes not funny when trying to be and: 2. It has a massive amount of language in it. The profanities roll off the [...]

Rumor Has It

"Rumor Has It" is a cute flick. It sure didn’t have an incredible amount of substance but the cameos by such film favorites as Kathy Bates in this extension of the classic film "The Graduate" made enduring some of the more predictable circumstances worthwhile. I would have to agree with the [...]

Matchstick Men – Edited

February 24, 2004

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Nicolas Cage is very funny in this film with all his little quirks and phobias. There are some wonderful twists and turns throughout the film that keep you guessing, but there is one troubling aspect to the film that parents will need to think about carefully before viewing this with children. That [...]

Oceans Eleven – Edited

August 25, 2003

Dove Approved for All Ages

This is a good edited version, but the entire film glorifies this robbery attempt. It says the bad guy here is the casino owner and not those who are trying to rob him. So, if you can get around that, this is a very good "gangster" film. While I did not see the original Ocean's Eleven with some [...]



- Dove Approved for Ages 12+